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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 13, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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whitey bulger's life of crime will likely end in prison. the boston mobster is convicted of 11 murders. we'll hear from one of the jurors who's sending bulger behind bars. >> i don't see how you couldn't find the person guilty. new york mayor michael bloomberg vows to fight the city's stop and frisk policy. and is it a reality or just a pipe dream? a billionaire innovator unveils his plans to zip travelers from l.a. to san francisco in under an hour. this is the "cbs morning news" an hour. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, august 13th. captioning funded by cbs good morning, good to be
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with you. i'm anne-marie green. 83-year-old boston mob boss whitey bulger is to be sentenced november 13th after being convicted for 11 murders and dozens of other crimes many of them while he was an fbi informant. the verdict came nearly two years after bulger was captured living in california, after spending 16 years on the run. jericka duncan reports. >> reporter: a police escort whivnged away james "whitey" bulger after a jurisdiction found him guilty of 11 counts of murder and a slew of racketeering charges. the verdict came as no surprise to the 83-year-old. >> mr. bulger knew, as soon as he was rested, that he was going to die behind the walls of a prison. >> reporter: the jury deliberated five days. scott was juror number 5. >> if you can believe the testimony, you know, and believe what you heard, i don't know how you couldn't find the person guilty. >> reporter: but not all of the jurors didn't believe the
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testimony they heard, especially that of john martorano a former hit man who got a plea deal from the government to testify against bulger. >> there was one juror that constantly said that his testimony was not believable. over and over again you couldn't believe what was said because of the government. >> reporter: bulger's lawyers tried to put the government on trial detailing corruption. and payoff of several fbi agents and police officers. the tactic helped get bulger off on 8 of the 20 murder charges against him. for the families of those victims, monday's verdict was painful. >> i never got to meet my father, and i'm still getting kicked in the stomach to this day. >> reporter: but for the crimes he was convicted of, whitey bulger will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. jericka duncan, cbs news, new york. and we are learning more about the abduction and rescue of california teenager hannah anderson. law officials say anderson
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didn't know her mother and brother had been killed after rescued. bigad shaban has more. >> reporter: expressing grief and relief, brett anderson helped thanks those who helped hannah. >> the healing process has been slow. >> reporter: hannah anderson was last season a week ago, that's when the bodies of her mother and 8-year-old brother ethan were found in the home. friends said james dimaggio killed the two and kidnapped hannah. police say the pair traveled almost 1,000 miles to morehead lake, idaho. where horseback riders spotted them on wednesday. the riders called police after seeing an amber alert. an fbi team then spotted dimaggio's campsite from the air. a tactical team hiked into the woods for two hours to find them. >> dimaggio had a rifle and he fired at least one round prior to being shot and killed. >> reporter: police say anderson was clearly a victim.
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>> she was not a willing participant. >> sheriff, did hannah ever try to escape? did hannah ever try to escape? >> i'm not going to go into any details of that. >> reporter: hannah's father credits her safe return to amber alert, social media and media to her. >> there are many missing children, some of you might find the amber alert annoying. please, pay attention, keep your eyes open. let's bring those children home. no one should have to go through this. >> reporter: he's now asking for privacy. bigad shaban, cbs news. san diego. overseas, the egyptian government says its postponed to crack down against supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi because they fear a massacre. morsi supporters flocked to two protest campsites in cairo when word got out that government troops were on the verge of moving in. one military official said they were stunned by the number of people. and back in this country, a man fell to his death at turner field in atlanta last night. he fell from a walkway on the stadium's back side on to a
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parking lot during a game between the braves and the phillies. police say he fell about 65 feet to his death and described the incident as accidental. it had been raining but it's unclear if wet conditions or alcohol played a role. now on the "cbs moneywatch" credit card payments are on the rise. and blackberry tries to stop the slide. ashley morrison is here in new york with that and more. good morning, anne-marie. asian markets are up morning after word of corporate tax cuts. japan's nikkei rose 2.5%. while china's hang seng climbed to the highest level just over 1%. retail will give wall streeters some indication of the strength of the economy. the dow closed down 5 points on monday. relatively flat trading. the nasdaq was up 9 points. blackberry is thinking about selling itself or forming a
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partnership or something to try to stop the slide. the company is struggling due to competition between apple and samsung. its stock price closed more than 10% higher on monday. federal investigators have reportedly subpoenaed records from goldman sachs and jpmorgan chase. over the pricing and availability of aluminum. beer and soda makers say the banks intentionally warehoused aluminum to enhance their commodity. the inflated prices cost consumers billions of dollars over the past three years. and one more sign that five years after the great recession the nation's economy continues to improve slowly. one of the nation's major credit recording agencies says increasing numbers of consumers are making timely credit card payments. that has cut the rate of late payment fees and debt to the lowest level in almost two decades. so it's good to see people using their credit card responsibly. >> indeed, ashley morrison.
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here in new york, thank you, ashley. coming up on the "morning news," are new york's stop and friv frisk laws on the way out? and going tubular, a radical new way to get from l.a. to san francisco in about an hour. oh this is soft.
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miles. another fire in the south has burned 225 square miles. new york city michael bloomberg called it a dangerous decision. a federal judge ruled that the city's police department's stop and frisk policy illegally targeted minorities. she didn't end the practice, but appointed an independent monitor to over see changes. terrell brown reports. >> reporter: the new york city police department stopped more than 1.5 million people last year over the stop and frisk policy. 87% were black or latino. david said he was 15 when he was first stopped. it happened three more times while he was in college. that's when he joined the lawsuit against the city. >> as i walk around, i tell them, you know, you think i'm just some dumb young kid that's going to stand for this. i'm not. i'm going to fight this. he laughed and said i love the way you fight. you're not going to win.
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>> reporter: in the deal to defend the policy that they believe to be effective, they have willfully ignored overwhelming truth that the policy of targeting the right people is racially discriminatory. last year, a little over 9% of those stopped were arrested. mayor michael bloomberg defended the program, he said it prevented more than 7300 murders since he's taken office. >> there is just no question that stop first and frisk has saved countless lives. and we most most of those lives saved, based on statistics, have been black or hispanic men. >> reporter: mayor bloomberg plans to appeal the judge's ruling but in the meantime, new york city police will continue to enforce the stop and frisk policy while it's under review. terrell brown, cbs news, new york. meanwhile, attorney general eric holder said he wants to implement changes in the mandatory drug sentencing policies. the idea of judges getting
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greater flexibility is getting good reviews on capitol hill. tara mergener reports. >> reporter: u.s. attorney general eric holder wants to end harsh prison sentences for drug-related crimes. >> we need to ensure that the drug rehabilitation is used to punish, deter, but not to warehouse and forget. >> reporter: it went on the books in 1980s to fight the war on drugs. the inmate population skyrocketed. and today, federal prisons are operating nearly 40% above capacity. almost half the inmates are there for drug-related crimes. many of them are low-income or black or latino. this costs taxpayers more than $80 billion a year. >> every dollar that the doj spends keeping a nonviolent drug offender locked up it is a dollar that could be spent for cops. >> reporter: now they're directing to change the way they charge nonviolent drug offenders who aren't connected to gangs. so those defenders won't face mandatory minimum sentences.
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>> we in federal government can become both smarter and tougher on crime. >> reporter: but former assistant u.s. attorney bill otis says mandatory minimum sentences have been proven effective. >> there has been a big increase in the prison population, but crime has gone down by 50%. >> reporter: more than a dozen states are already moving in holder's direction shifting away from prisons and to drug treatment centers. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. texas rangers, yu darvish flirts with perfection and turns in a dominant performance. >> and a swing and a foul tip. and turns in a dominant performance. >> and a swing and a foul tip. p. that's great! it is great! thank you. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card with late payment forgiveness. the not so pretty truth about their body washes.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, thunderstorms today and thunderstorms in the morning in miami. chicago will be sunny. thunderstorms in dallas. and sunny in los angeles. time now for a check of the national forecast. showers and thunderstorms will soak the northeast and mid-atlantic. the south will see scattered showers and thunderstorms. and more showers and thunderstorms will cross the rockies and high plains. in sports, texas ranger pitcher yu darvish comes close to perfection against the houston astros. darvish had a perfect game into the sixth inning when he walked jonathan villar. his catcher a.j. pierzynski gets
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tossed for arguing the call. darvish would strike out 15 batters and has a no-hitter broken up in the eighth when he surrenders a solo home run to carlos corporan. texas wins 2-1. detroit shortstop jose iglesias may have had the defensive play of the night. he makes a offhanded bare-handed throw to help get phegley out. they lose to the white sox 6-2. and a wild one between the orioles and diamondbacks. baltimore's chris davis ties it on the sixth home run of the year. orioles would rally in the ninth to tie at game at 6-6. arizona's adam eaton hammers the first pitch he sees for the walk-off home run. the diamondbacks win 7-6. when we return, california dreaming. an entrepreneur's plan to transport people from l.a. to san francisco on an ultra
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fast cushion of air. ,,,,,,
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., severe thunderstorms today. atlanta, afternoon thunderstorms. partly sunny in st. louis, but afternoon thunderstorms in denver. and party sunny in seattle with a high of 80. ♪ they call themselves oceans 16. and are powerball's newest millionaires. the nine women and seven men work for the new jersey department of vehicle services. and had one of the three winning tickets in last week's mega jackpot. they'll split $86 million. that's almost $4 million each. another has yet to come forward. meanwhile, a billionaire is showing off his plans to speed up travel between two of the biggest cities on the west coast. on monday, elon musk unveiled his concept called the hyperloop. a high-speed transportation
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system that would send passengers speeding through a tube at more than 700 miles per hour. the question now, will it ever be built? >> reporter: elon musk has made a name and a fortune for himself through innovation. the entrepreneur co-founded p paypal and started electric carmaker tesla and private space firm spacex. now, he's focusing on mass transit, musk made public the design for hyperloop monday. passengers would be put in a rocket tube and rocketed from los angeles to san francisco. musk estimates the 4.5-mile trip would take a little more than a half an hour. he was inspired by california's notorious traffic conditions. >> you just see a carpet of cars, they aren't moving. it's just like, wow, how much misery is that causing me? and surely there's something we can do about it.
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>> reporter: according to musk's plan, passengers would pay $20 for a one-way ticket. and hyperloop capsules would be able to blast off every 30 seconds. they would be pulled through a magnetic traction and glide through air. >> it's like an air gun and air hockey table. >> reporter: the proposed route would mirror california's interstate 5 and musk says would cost $6 billion to build which is just one-tenth of california's proposed high-speed rail line. but some are calling the project a literal pipe dream. the chairman of the high-speed rail commission said in a statement, we'll be happy to share our experience about what it really takes to build a project in california, across seismic zones, minimizing impacts on farms, businesses and communities. >> elon loves to have things that are impossible to do and then do them flamboyantly. he did it with spacex. he did it with the tesla, he might do it with this one.
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>> reporter: but travel experts agree, it may be an alternative to necessity in the future. >> to meet the needs of the people in the next 20 or 30 years, we have to build more freeways, build more airports and do a lot more things than a high-speed rail system is going to cost. >> we need to have a breakthrough. we need to have a transportation that didn't operate on freeway. it doesn't take freeway lanage. and it doesn't require petroleum to operate it. and that could be mr. musk's idea. but he has to prove it. >> well, musk has no immediate plans to build the hyperloop. he made the designs open source, so anyone can work with them or improve them. he says if no one steps up, he would be willing to foot the bill for a prototype but that could take three to four years to build. and now we have a panda family reunion in china. this adorable giant panda cub was reintroduced to her mother. last week. she was born on july 6th but
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4 minutes before 5:00, another steamy start to the day. >> getting ready to get kind of rude too, here's first warning doppler weather radar. we have thunder and lightning sitting just out to the west, and you're going to have rain on your morning commute. after this batch of action passes here's a bigger slug of moisture to the west. grab an umbrella. here's what we've got our eye on, a 10-year-old is recovered from serious injury. >> a woman is dead, two others are hurt after a car crossed the center line and hit a motorcycle. >> and later this morning the baltimore city chamber of
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commerce will host the second annual breakfast with the mayor at forest park golf course. >> jury deliberation are set to resume in the murder for hire case. >> and taking back the streets, local citizens are responding following a recent spike in violence. >> and some oriole outrage, an incident on the road has sparked a special media firestorm. we'll tell you what happened and how everybody's reacted. more news and first warning [ jessica ] so i opened the box and i said to myself, "this is a tablet that i'm going to have to learn how to use." literally the flip of a switch i was logged onto our wi-fi network at home and i was off and running. [ male announcer ] now you can get a state-of-the-art kindle fire hd, built and backed by amazon, with stunning high def screen, dolby sound, ultra-fast wi-fi and access to 23 million movies,
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the kindle fire hd is the best present that i ever bought for my kids. and the fact that it's backed by amazon and their customer service, it's hands down the best. [ male announcer ] get a new kindle fire hd, plus a free custom cover, and a free $25 gift card. don't miss out. this is a limited-time offer, and you won't find it anywhere else. kindle fire is amazing. it's a life-changer. [ male announcer ] this is a limited time offer. go online to order now. this is wjz tv baltimore. >> good morning maryland, now don scott, marty bass, and the latest breaking news from wjz's news team. your first warning weather and wjz traffic


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